The Wyrmshadow Plains are an expanse of grassland and low, rolling hills in the eastern reaches of Aiecore. They are bordered on the north by the Wyrmsmoke Mountains, on the west by the Wyrmwater River, on the east by Dunmaerik, and on the south by the Wyrmscar Gorge.

As their name suggests, the Plains history is immersed in the conflict known as the Awakening Cataclysm . Centuries ago, when Fieren was a fledgling kingdom, a great dragon known only as "The Wyrm” awoke from his mountain stronghold. His appetite for flesh and destruction was the stuff of legend, and he laid waste to most of the land before he was put to death. The final battle occurred in what is now the Wyrmscar, when thousands of men and dozens of wizards brought the beast down, permanently scarring the land with the effects of magic.