Stonedelve Dwarf Woman

A Female Stonedelve Golenti

Stonedelve Dwarf

A Male Stonedelve Golenti

Stonedelve Golenti are a tunnel-dwelling race who live within great halls and fortresses carved into the mountains; smaller settlements are often stone villages sheltered beneath rock outcroppings, underneath which tunnels connect the town to storerooms and common areas. Stonedelves tend to dislike open air above their settlements, owing to the reduced defense presented by aerial enemies such as harpies, griffons, and dragons.

Description Edit

Stonedelve Golenti are a short, stocky people. Men wear long beards, while women wear their hair in length according to their rank and position among the settlement. The longer the hair a woman has, the higher her status within her community. Both genders wear ornamental braids, each woven pattern representing their achievements.

Hair colors run the darker shades of black, brown, auburn, or red. Eye colors likewise tend to be dark, typically brown or black. Rare occasions have shown blue or green eyes in some Stonedelve.

Ecology Edit

Culture Edit

Stonedelve settlements are typically matriarchal societies. As Keepers of the Hearth, the Stonedelve women are an upper-class population. Unlike other matriarchies however, the Stonedelve men are afforded equal rights, save the right of rule. It is expected that Stonedelve men will be the settlement's defenders or standing army, and in times of conflict will serve as Warriors to the Hearth. While not strictly prohibited, women are generally discouraged from military service[1].

Art and Leisure Edit

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Magic and Religion Edit

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Relationships Edit

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Psychology Edit

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History Edit

The Stonedelve Clan were the greatest miners known on Omath. Their picks and drills cut through stone like it were garden soil, and they could bend the stone to their will through sculpting. The Stonedelve were the first to discover mithril in the Korakirin Mountains at the eastern edge of what would become Haladra, attracting the attentions of the Nuia and trading their precious metals for wood from the great forest of Nuaira.

With unparalleled skill, the Stonedelve continued to work their way into the mountains. In their wake, they established grand cities and halls, firing their forges with the Blood of Oenomaus, the heartfire of Solia itself. Beneath the great mountains they tunneled, creating the Stonelands, a vast networks of caves, caverns, and cities and leaving their surface cousins behind.

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Homelands Edit

Located in the Stonelands, the Stonedelve Golenti reach far and wide beneath Omath. Stonedelve can be found in every major mountain range, while small enclaves or individuals can be found in most major cities. Their ancestral home, Korakirin, lies in the depths of the greatest mountain in Dunmaerik, abandoned to the Blackmind Golenti and worse.

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References Edit

  1. Indeed, the military tends to be the only place Stonedelve men rise to leadership rank. Generals in the armies (or Watch Commanders in the smaller settlements) are the few men able to discuss matters of governance with the ruling women.

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