Sarrobasael, known in her human forms as Sarah Weaver, Sa'ah al-Sayhai, Sarebella, and Jesamyne, is the chief advisor to Governor Saama al-Or, Minister of Culture in Ezir. She uses her influence with the Governor to ensure her agents can come and go in relative anonymity, hidden beneath the veils and burkas of "traditional" Ezirandi women.

She is aware of the Black Circle and Eclipse's machinations, but has little need or desire to lend her assistance. She is quite content to collect the souls of men and women tempted to lust and fornication, and can often be found at the center of plots to corrupt these vulnerable souls, often using the Minister's office to identify and imprison them.

She often takes the form of a dancing girl, known alternately as Sarebella and Jesamyne. In this form, she often incites riots among patrons of dance houses or taverns. In the heat of these lust-fueled fights, it is common for lives to be lost, their souls forfeit to the eriynes.


True FormEdit


Ssarobasael in her true form.

In her true form, Ssarobasael is a tall, skinned woman with a mane of unruly red hair, pale, reddish-tinged skin, and amber-colored eyes. She has large, featherd wings, and thick, blood-red horns that protrude from her forehead. Arcane markings criss-cross her body, all of them the same blood-red as her hair and horns.

Sa'ah al-SayhaiEdit


Ssarobasael as Sa'ah al-Sayhai.

As Sa'ah al-Sayhai, she appears as a honey-skinned woman of Ezirandi descent, with long, straight black hair and amber-colored eyes. Though more often clad in robes and a hijab than not, she has an appealing form with long legs and noticable curves befitting a dancer.

Sarah WeaverEdit

Sarah Weaver

Ssarobasael as Sarah Weaver.

As Sarah Weaver, she appears as a pale-skinned woman of moderate height with long, straight blonde hair and amber-colored eyes. She has long legs and a voluptuous, curvy build.

Sarebella / JesamyneEdit


Sarebella or Jesamyne

As Sarebella or Jesamyne, she appears as a honey-skinned woman of Ezirandi descent, with long, straight black hair and amber-colored eyes. She is most often clad in diaphanous dancer's clothing, revealing long legs and a curvy build.

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