Slipfox is the street name of a former Brotherhood operative and current Black Circle assassin.

Born as Caitlyn Auriel, the girl known as Slipfox was taken by the Brotherhood almost immediately after her birth. She was trained in the ways of espionage, combat, and justice until, at age seventeen she was paired with another operative, a paladin known as Gostkin. Together, the pair worked within the Sprawl in Ezir to counter the War Pigs and, later, the Black Circle.

After attracting the Black Circle's attention, she and Gostkin led an attack on Nekhet, a tower stronghold on the western coast of Ezir. There, the team was defeated by a powerful demon known as Eclipse. Most of the operatives were tortured and killed to feed the demon's hunger; Slipfox and Gostkin were selected to be corrupted.

Gostkin was first to fall, serving as the demon's fist. Four years were required to break Slipfox, but once she was turned she embraced her role as the demon's personal assassin.

After Gostkin escaped the demon's control, Slipfox was dispatched to find him and bring him to the Arcanum Institute to be sacrificed.

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