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Greetings and Welcome to the Solia Campaign Setting Wiki

A wiki guide for the known lands of Solia, a custom role-playing game setting by Jay Koster.

Kingmaker players: click HERE for campaign information.

New players, please review the house rules.

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Portals: DeitiesGeographyHistoryMagicClasses
People and races of the world
* Inhabitants —All your favorite heroes and villains, and the rest.
* Races —All the races of the world, humanoid and monstrous alike.
* Organizations —The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and everything in between.
* Deities —The deities of the world.
* Character Classes —How the base classes and prestige classes play in the campaign.
The World
* Geography —The world's towns, kingdoms and more.
* History —From the dawn of the Progenitors through recent history, a rough timeline of the history of the world.
* Magic —An elemental force that runs throughout the world. Its uses and significance.

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