Average Height

5'4" - 6'0"

Average Weight

130 - 170 lbs

Skin Color

Pale to dark brown

Hair Color

Dark brown, autumn orange, mossy green, deep gold, blonde, platinum, dark blue, grey, black

Eye Color

Blue, violet, green, brown, yellow, purple, silver




Pointed ears, sparse body hair, slim but athletic build, insightful, keen senses

Average Lifespan

Usually up to 200, but 900 not unheard of; do not suffer infirmities with age




Aquatic elves, Euanör (Dark elves), Moon elves, Wild elves, Wood Elves


Common, Nuian

Most would call the Nuia kind, graceful, benevolent. As a whole, they are a giving, generous people. But make no mistake, dear reader: Nuia are also cunning, ruthless, and efficient. You hold now an observer's look into a world older than our own history, a world of magic, of nature, of intrigue, and murder.

Nuia are not so different from us, you see. They have passions, prejudices, strengths, and weaknesses. Most important to realize is that Nuians are as individuals as varied as the many sons and daughters of the First Tribe.

  — Among the Nuia, Agathain Montero,Scholar

The Nuia, once elves of another world, are the oldest in the lands of Solia, with their origin stretching back to the First Nuians, who were brought to this world from another. Nuia tend to be graceful warriors and wizards who are at home in the forests of the world. They are magical in nature and share an interest in the arcane arts. From an early age they also learn to defend themselves, particularly with swords or bows.

Nuia have adapted to life in nearly every environment possible. The mountains, the forests, the plains, the waters, and the underground caverns all know the taste of Nuians. The snowy wastes have felt the light touch of Nuian boots, as have the hot sands of deserts.

In the youth of the world, the Nuia spread far and wide from Nuaira to cover the largest continent Omath (which the Nuia called Anyataesi, or "Great Land") from coast to coast. The devastation caused through the Haphrises War led the Nuia to withdraw to their homeland where they have adopted a more isolationist stance.