Melanesia symbol


Title(s) Giver of Tomorrow
The Seed of Life
Power Level Lesser Deity
Subservient Deities
Dominion Waetia
Alignment Chaotic Good
Portfolio Fertility, Potential, The Future
Worshipers Farmers, Ranchers, Fishermen, Merchants, Lovers, Families
Cleric Alignments
Domains Animal, Charm, Community, Good, Knowledge, Luck, Plant, Travel, Weather
Holy Day(s) Seeding, Harvesttime
Favored Weapon Shortbow or Quarterstaff

Melanesia is the goddess of fertility and potential. She represents the beginning of the life cycle, but is also worshiped by merchants hopeful for success. She is a companion and consort of Deiter. In Dunmaerik, she is also worshiped as a rain goddess.

Melanesia is depicted as a beautiful woman in the second trimester of pregnancy, often topless and wearing only a loose white skirt. She is depicted as having straight, black hair, azure eyes, full breasts and wide hips.


The seed of tomorrow is planted today.

The Church of Melanesia is largely an informal organization, loosely based around individual settlements or regions in Omath and Orela. Though rare, worshipers can be found in Egela.

The clergy serves in similar roles as Deiter's priests during the spring planting season, but also serve as marriage counselors, midwives, and (in some cases) surrogates for those who cannot conceive.

The Church celebrates few holy days beyond the beginning of spring and the last harvest of the fall. The individual ceremonies are largely left up to the priest conducting them, but most often include communion, blessings, all marked within great festivity and sexual celebration.

A Priest of Melanesia is known as a Sower, regardless of gender. Most priests are human females, though no restriction exists.


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Rumor Mill Edit

  • A man in Sunnymead has presented himself as a Sower, but appears to be using the title for the purpose of sleeping with the young women of the town.

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