A magic sword with an Enchantment Aura.

Magical items of all kinds give off a telling aura when viewed with divination magic. Some powerful items give off a strong enough aura to be viewed with the naked eye. When a trained mind views a magical aura, they are often able to determine which school of magic the aura represents, as determined by the chart below.

Magic Aura ColorsEdit

To determine the school of magic represented by a magical aura, the viewer must make a Knowledge: Arcana or Bardic Knowledge check (DC 10). Success reveals the relevant school. Failure by more than 5 points instead shifts the result  up one row.

Characters with more than 10 ranks in Knowledge: Arcana are considered to be well-educated and automatically succeed on checks to determine the school of magic based on aura color.

Magic Aura Colors By School
School Color
Abjuration White
Conjuration Pink
Divination Opalescent
Enchantment Green
Evocation Red
Illusion Blue
Necromancy Black
Transmutation Orange

Note: spells like Magic Aura and certain illusions may alter or cloak a magic aura.