Known Reckoning (KR) begins in year 0, with the arrival of the First Elves. That small group which was carried through the planes to the world of Solia began to document their explorations, marking the first day of their arrival by the full moon and basing their calendar by the cycles of the moons and the passing of seasons.

Other cultures established their own calendars, but the already-established calendar, being promoted by scholars and merchants, has won out.



A visual representation of the Known Reckoning year and holidays.

Known Reckoning has ten forty-day months, each determined by a lunar cycle.
  1. Month1
  2. Month2
  3. Month3
  4. Month4
  5. Month5
  6. Month6
  7. Month7
  8. Month8
  9. Month9
  10. Month10

The cycle of the moon is 40.5 days, leading to a total calendar year of 405 days. As a result, there are five transitionary days: four mark seasonal changes, while the fifth marks a mid-year point. 

  1. Winter's Slumber (Between Month10 and Month1)
  2. Seeding (Between Month2 and Month3)
  3. Mid-Year (Between Month5 and Month6) 
  4. Harvesttime (Between Month7 and Month8)
  5. Winter's Awakening (Between Month9 and Month10)


Each month is divided into four ten-day weeks:

  1. Metsus
  2. Alesus
  3. Retsus
  4. Hatsus
  5. Fahsus
  6. Cretsus
  7. Bastsus
  8. Liusus
  9. Mitsus
  10. Meksus - Also Known as "Market Day"

Other CalendarsEdit

Ezirandi Calendar