The village of Kingsholm
Government Council
Ruler Phodor Landros, Speaker
Population 1,732

Kingsholm is a rich and sleepy little town that benefits from trade with nearby Dwarf clans and peaceful relations with Halfling traders and gypsies. It has many trading houses and storage facilities for minerals and other commodities.

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The town guard - known as Sentinels - is captained by Mia Desarna and is comprised of twenty-three able-bodied warriors, three of which double as trackers. The militia can call on about seventy other individuals as needed.

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Kingsholm lies at the base of a series of rolling foothills. No one knows how long the community has existed; Ian Turbrand, the owner of the Coronet and Cabbage Inn, insists that someone from his family has run the hostelry for more than three hundred years. Kingsholm appears much like every other town in the land, with one exception - its graveyard.

Built on and in the nearby hills, the graveyard has existed for centuries. Some townsfolk believe the graveyard predates the community, and nearly all the people living in Kingsholm evince a particular pride in that fact. Prominent individuals who die in Kingsholm have the honor of being interred in the graveyard's mausoleum, the centerpiece of the graveyard.

Kingsholm's guards - known as Sentinels - patrol the graveyard almost as frequently as they patrol the community's streets. The most notable feature of the graveyard actually lies a little over a mile north of the town, high up in the hills. There stands the statue of an ancient king. No one in Kingsholm knows who he was or why the statue was erected there, but the townsfolk live in awe of the monument. Indeed, while the common folk have no fear of their maintained graveyard, few venture up to visit the forgotten king.

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