An painting of the bandit Happs Bydon.
Happs Bydon
Basic Information
Home Thorn Ford Camp, Riverlands
Former home(s) Restov
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 32
Patron deity Unknown
Known language(s) Common
Rules Information
Class Ranger
Alignment Lawful Evil

Happs Bydon was a former bandit in the Greenbelt area of the Stolen Lands. He and his crew were killed at Oleg's Trading Post by a company of adventurers.


Happs was a taller human with a hooked nose, dark hair and dark eyes. A muscular man, he was often fond of wearing a hooded cloak and carrying a bow.


Happs was a crude and foul-mouthed man. He found he quite enjoyed the outdoors and the life of a bandit.


Before his death, Happs was second-in-command of the Thorn Ford camp, harassing travelers along the northern edge of the Greenbelt and collecting "taxes" from Oleg & Svetlana Leveton.


Happs was a sometimes-lover of Kressle , the commander of the Thorn Ford camp.

Rumor MillEdit

(10) Happs was once a soldier and member of the city guard in Restov.

(15) Happs was caught running a protection racket... while serving as a guardsman.

(20) Happs fled Restov and left behind a wife and two children.


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