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Haladra is a region in northern Dunmaerik . It is defined as the valley formed by the junction of the Spine of Kalnath and the Korakirin Mountains and runs east and west. The region is characterised by rolling hills and mountains as well as rich green valleys. The primary valley is very fertile agricultural land, but due to severe seasonal flooding has few permanent settlements.


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The Haladra is known for its horse tribes, collectively known as the Haladri. However, cultural studies reveal there are as many as seven distinct tribes living within the Haladra. Each has their own tribal government, and there is a history of conflict and violence when tribes clash.

  • Kalir
  • Hegimora
  • Akaman
  • Torgu
  • Paeli
  • Ra'amata
  • Sjeki (Rumored to be extinct)

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