Critical HitsEdit

Adventurers are a step above the common folk. As such, they are capable of significant damage in combat, inspiring tales that become legends. Critical hits are modified as follows:

Traditional: Critical Hits are calculated as (Damage Dice x Multiplier) + Strength Modifier

House Rule: Critical Hits are calculated as (Damage Dice + Strength Modifier) x Multiplier

Example: Rook the Rogue has scored a critical hit against Lyell the Paladin. Rook has a strength of 15 (+2 Modifier). He rolls a 4 for damage with his dagger and calculates the damage as follows: (4+2)x2 or 6x2 = 12 damage.

Diagonal MovementEdit

Traditional: When measuring distance, the first diagonal counts as 1 square, the second counts as 2 squares, the third counts as 1, the fourth as 2, and so on.

House Rule: When measuring distance, all diagonal movement counts as 1 square.