West of Eternity is a Pathfinder  campaign that runs within the shared world of the Known Lands. It is set on the Frontier Islands, several thousand miles west of the primary continent (hence the campaign name).

Differences from The Known LandsEdit

In the West of Eternity campaign setting, there are a few differences from the Known Lands campaign. Most notably is the level of technology. Steam-powered machines are an expensive but common sight. Firearms  have started to make their way into common usage, though truly advanced firearms are still exceptionally rare.

Race DifferencesEdit

The races vary significantly from those of the Known Lands. Click on any of the articles below to learn more about the people of the Frontier Islands.


The Elven people are a tribal people. They live off the land and are very rarely seen near human settlements. They tend to prey on any humans in their territories with swift and terrible violence. They favor leathers and similar garb and live in log-house communities in the hills and forests.


The Halfling people are a nomadic, tribal people that live upon the plains of the many islands. They are friendly with humans and are often seen doing trade in human settlements. They ride the great cats of the plains, and favor buckskin and leather clothing.


The Gnomish people are, by and large, the source of technology. They have given rise to the Technomancer profession, which merges magic and machinery. They are most often found in major human settlements, with no one homeland of their own[1] Gnomes dress in styles appropriate to their surroundings.


The Dwarven people are known also as the Dark People. Few dwarves travel the surface, instead residing in stonework fortresses and citadels built into the mountains. From these strongholds, they establish trade with their human neighbors. They are an industrious people; where gnomes provide technology, it is frequently dwarves who do the work to put the technology to use. They favor coarse, wool clothing. Most gold and gems in circulation in the Islands are from the dwarven strongholds.

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Notes Edit

  1. Rumors persist of a gnomish homeland on an island in the center of Starfell Atoll. The gnomes are said to have triggered a cataclysmic event that claimed the island and thousands of lives, forcing the survivors to eke out a living where they can.

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