Magic is the art of producing a desired effect or result through the use of incantation or various other techniques that presumably assure human control of supernatural agencies or the forces of nature.
  — Definition of Magic

You would sooner count all the grains of sand in Ezir before you could understand the complexities that are Magic.
  — Meithius, Headmaester of the Arcanum Institute

Magic is a force of nature, a form of energy that exists within and surrounds the physical world. At its purest form, it is raw energy and the source of life. Magic flows between fonts (called nodes by scholars), creating channels of elemental energy (called ley lines) as they pass through the surrounding terrain.

Arcane MagicEdit

When men are able to harness the magical energy, they become spell-casters. Some harness the energy through incantation and ritual, as described in the first quote at the top of this article. These become wizards. Others harness the energy directly, and they become sorcerers. Others, like bards and some prestige classes, are also able to tap into the energy in similar methods.

Divine MagicEdit

Main article: Divine Magic

When men work through their gods to harness the energy, they become clerics and paladins. These spell casters channel the energy from their deity, who in turn channels it from the energy of the world. As such, they must pray to their deity for the appropriate result.

Natural MagicEdit

Still others work with the energy in a manner similar to Divine Magic, but without the influence of the gods. These spell casters are called druids and rangers. They manipulate the energy through nature itself, resulting in a more organic, natural form of control.

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