Baden Hall, situated on the Baden River.
Baden Hall
Size City
Area Baden
Government Monarchy (Duchy)
Ruler Malechi en'Eveil
Population 5,307
Races Humans, Halflings, Half-Elves

Inhabitants of Baden Hall

Baden Hall is the capitol of the Duchy of Baden. The keep itself is a large stronghold on an island in the Baden River, accessed through a well-fortified bridge.

A small town has sprung up around the keep, brought about by the actions of Duke en'Eveil and his court.

Geographical Locations Edit

Locations in Baden Hall Edit

Temples and Shrines Edit

Baden Hall is one of the few municipalities to prohibit the establishment of temples within its borders. Residents are allowed shrines within their homes and allowed the freedom to worship as they see fit.

Defense Edit

The keep maintains a force of some fifty men-at-arms, while a separate garrison of seventy soldiers of the Fieren army sits in the floodplain in the northern part of the village.

Lore Edit

Baden Hall had languished for years, empty and abandoned, after a band of fifty orcs swept through the duchy, looting and killing indiscriminately. They were eventually put to the sword outside Kingsholm by the army of Fieren, but not before most smaller villages were burned or destroyed.

A small band of adventurers known as The Union came upon the keep and drove out the monsters that had taken up residence. In the process, Malechi en'Eveil, the group's leader, came upon and claimed the deed to the duchy. He presented it to the King and was given authority to rule what had become a near-wasteland.

Immediately upon returning to Baden Hall, the new Duke set about a sweeping policy that would ensure the growth of the region. Offering economic incentive and organizing labor forces, he and his court (the other members of The Union) saw a boom in construction around the duchy.

  — From the journal of D. Soteri

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