Baden symbol

The Flag of Baden

The Duchy of Baden
Capital Baden Hall
Area Emerald Coast
Government Autocracy
Ruler Duke Malechi en'Eveil
Population 75,000
Outsiders (Native)1%
Imports Ores, metals, timber, and exotic goods from other lands
Exports Ale, arms, cloth, furnishings, leather goods, pottery, refined metals, and all other sorts of finished goods
Alignment All

Inhabitants of Baden
Locations in Baden
Organizations in Baden

Located on the northeastern Emerald Coast, the Duchy of Baden isis a powerful autocratic state of Fieren. The capital is Baden Hall, set near the center of the plains, fifty miles west of the coast. Every village, regardless of size, owes fealty to the Duke, and they are protected by the Baden Regular Army and the Fieren Royal Army.

Towns of Baden Edit

Alero Edit

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Baden Hall Edit

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Bridda Edit

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Cona Edit

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Crompond Edit

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Fort Harlen Edit

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Freeport Edit

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Haradinn Edit

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Kingsholm Edit

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Merana Edit

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Sunnymead Edit

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Warran's Ford Edit

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Northwood Edit

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